Top best tips to improve your English speaking skills

Hello students, today I’m sharing with you some important tips to improve your English speaking. As you know English is almost a condition to success in the world today. Therefore, proficiency in English is an important factor in hiring and promotion decisions.

Top best tips to improve your English speaking skills

Many people have studied English in school and are able to read and write. But they hesitate to speak because they feel that English is broken and not fluent and may make grammatical mistakes. That is why they feel shy to speak in formal way.
In fact, there is no quick way when it comes to improving speaking over a particular language. It requires time and effort.
I have some good tips and advices for you to become fluent in English!

     Do not hesitate: talk with your friends and family because this will help you avoid hesitation and pauses and is a chance to have them correct your mistakes when you are wrong.  Do not hesitate to make mistakes. Be confident! As well as this, try to start conversation with people you do not know personally. Because talking with strangers will help you feel less conscious. 

    Read aloud: read newspapers and books aloud when you can and concentrate on each word. Write down new words in a notebook. Learn their meaning then try to use them in sentences and conversation. Try to pronounce each word at least 3 times when you speak in order to memorize them.

    Watch English movies and news channels (CNN, BBC): this is an effective way to learn English. It will help you improve your English speaking skills as well as listening skills. Follow conversation without reading sub-title. Try to make a specific time to watch English movies shows and news in order to improve your English speaking. Watching television gives you a chance to learn words correctly. This is good for high level students. It can be great practice to speak to native speaker of English so you do not need to ask them to repeat themselves.

    Listen to MP3s: this is another affective way to learn perfect your English skills. Listen to audio books, speech radio and English music even if you are not actively listening to them. But by training your ears, you will become better and better with time! This is will help you get familiar with the language sounds.
It is hard for beginners to understand English music, so try to read lyrics of that song if you want to really get something out of listening to English music. This is a good way of understanding how sounds change in fast, natural and informal speech.

     Ask people who speak English fluent for advice: there is no shame is seeking to get help! If you do not understand something, you can ask your teachers, classmates or friends for help.
Don’t give up!
Speak, Speak, Speak

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