4 benefits of public speaking skills

Lately, I stated some stages of preparing and presenting public speech, you can read it from here ‘10 Stages of Preparing a Public Speaking’.  In this article, I’m sharing with you 4 benefits of public speaking skills.

1st Enhance personal and social abilities. Public speaking provides training in variety of personal and social competencies. It helps you cover such skills as self-awareness, self-confidence, and dealing with the fear of communicating. These skills certainly apply in public speaking, but you will find them valuable in all of your social interactions.

2nd Improve your academic and career skills.  As you learn public speaking you’ll also learn a wide variety of academic and career skills. These skills are central, but not limited, to public speaking. Among these are your abilities to:
- Do research efficiency and effectively.
- Explain complex clearly.
- Support & argument with all available means of persuasion.
- Understand human motivation & be able to use your insights in persuasive encounters.
- Organize a variety of message for clarify and persuasiveness.
- Present yourself to others with confidence and self-assurance.
- Analyze & evaluate the validity of persuasive appeals.

3rd refine your general communication abilities. Public speaking also develops and refines your general communication abilities by helping you improve competencies such as:
- Developing a more effective communication style.
- Adjusting message to specific listeners.
- Giving & responding appropriately to criticism.
- Developing logical & emotional appeals.
- Communicating listening credibility.
- Improving listening skills.
- Organizing extended message.

4th improve your public speaking abilities. Speakers are not born, but they made. Through instruction, exposure to different speeches, feedback, and individual learning experiences, you can become an effective speaker.