2 benefits of learning a second language

Although learning a new language is very hard and not always a lot of fun, it is worth it overall.
2 benefits of learning a second language

In fact it has several benefits. One benefit of learning a second language is the boarding of our culture awareness, the meaning of the word may differ from one language to another. For example: an English speaking of English who is familiar with English, knows that in Chinese culture when a person invites another person to a dinner or other social occasion, it’s polite to answer “no” to the first invitation. Whereas in English culture, it’s polite to say “yes” to the first invitation. Thus teaching another languages broads our culture awareness which helps us to communicate quickly with people from other countries and understand how to avoid unpleasant or embarrassing social situations.

Another benefit of learning second language is helping children to communicate easily with their overseas relatives and their parents; it also helps parents to communicate with their children’s friends.
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