2 Ways to Prepare for TOEIC Test

The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is a benchmark test when it comes to test an 
English level.and it is the most widely used. It is an aptitude test for professional English (200 questions including 100 and 100 reading comprehension listening comprehension). 
There are two ways to prepare for TOEIC test:
Firstly you can choose self preparation: Each test has an official website detailing the examination, for performing online practice tests and giving a list of preparation works that can be purchased online or in bookstores www .toeic.eu. This site also offers a registration service for help in the center closer to home. 
Secondly if you are not feeling confident and want to maximise your chances of a good result, coaching by specialized institutes is effective. These offer intensive courses and refresher training or regular training over several months. In general, the institute provides support and looks after the test registration.